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PEA Protein for Lean Muscle Growth [Unflavoured & Unsweetened] Trial Pack [33g]

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    Pea Protein, Digestive Enzymes (Papain and Bromelain)

    Gold Standard Raw Pea Protein

    A premium grade pea protein powder powder, PlantVita™ pea protein is a shelf-stable quality protein that is all natural, vegan with no added flavours, sweeteners, or colours.  It has added digestive enzymes and probiotics that increase its digestibility and absorption making it an excellent plant-based alternative to whey and other animal-based proteins.

    Proudly Made in India

    PlantVita™ Pea Protein is proudly made in India in a facility that meets global standards in terms of hygiene, quality standards, technological expertise, state-of the-art equipments and best-in-class systems and processes.

    Powerful Amino-Acid Profile

    Pea protein has a unique array of amino acids. These components are essential for muscles, tissues and immune system to function normally. Being rich in lysine and arginine, pea protein is especially beneficial for active lifestyles. In fact pea protein is the highest plant-based source per gram of protein for Lysine, which aids tissue, bone and antibody development. 

    Rich in BCAAs

    Pea protein is especially rich in the essential Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) LeucineIsoleucine and Valine, which help fuel working muscles and stimulate the body to make muscle protein. 


    Our Raw Pea Protein is free of the top 8 most common allergens (like dairy, egg, fish) and is naturally Gluten-Free. It is Lactose-Free and low-FODMAP making it an easily digestible for those with food sensitivities or restrictive diets.

    Highly Versatile

    It is a versatile ingredient to cook with. It is mild in flavour and creamy in consistency. It can be added into shakes, bakes, smoothies, atta, Idli / Dosa Batter, soups, sauces, oatmeal, pancakes & more. You can use it in either hot or cold recipes as it does not denature with heat.

    Great Source of Arginine

    Arginine is one of the most beneficial amino acids. Not only does it help to promote muscle growth and repair, but it also helps to strengthen the immune system. 

    100% Plant-made

    Pea Protein is 100% plant-based, vegan-friendly and offers a simple and effective way of getting sufficient amounts of protein into your body, without having to rely on animal-derived ingredients.

    FAQs about Pea Protein

    What is Pea Protein?

    Pea protein powder is rich in BCAAs to support muscle building. It also helps you feel full and regulates your blood pressure. PlantVita™ Pea is designed to serve as an alternative to animal-based protein supplements such as Whey protein, Casein protein, Egg protein, and Marine Collagen protein. It is 100% plant-based and vegan friendly.

    Who is it for?

    Pea protein powder is great for anyone who wants to add more protein to their diet. It’s also hypoallergenic which means it’s perfect for people who suffer from gluten or dairy allergies or people with lactose intolerance.

    How does Protein help in Muscle-growth and Recovery?

    Protein is needed by the body to recover and repair muscles and tissues after a muscle breakdown that happens when you do exercise or heavy workouts. It is also needed to synthesise new muscle proteins and tissues. The more the cycles of muscle breakdown and muscle recovery with adequate intake of protein, the bigger and stronger the muscles become.

    Is Pea Protein a Fast-absorbing or Slow-absorbing Protein?

    If you’re looking for a relatively fast absorbing protein source, pea protein is useful. It can be absorbed at a medium-fast rate, allowing it to quickly enter your bloodstream when you need the nutrients the most.

    Is Pea Protein good for Weight Loss?

    While pea protein is excellent for muscle growth, it can be very helpful for losing weight. If you’re struggling to lose weight, supplementing with pea protein powder is extremely beneficial. Pea protein is thermogenic, which means that it increases your metabolism as it digests and is absorbed into your bloodstream. The faster your metabolism is, the more energy you will have and the more calories you’ll burn. Pea protein powder also increases lean muscle tissue production and repair. The more lean muscle you carry on your frame, the faster your metabolism will run. It is also virtually fat free and is low in calories. Roll all of these advantages into one, and you have the ultimate recipe for a leaner, ripped, more defined physique.

    Is Pea protein powder easy to digest?

    Pea protein is considered to be especially easy to digest when compared with whey protein which does cause digestion-related issues.. Pea protein has a digestibility rate of 94%. In simple terms, this means that the vast majority of it will be broken down and digested when consumed, rather than putting your gut under increasing strain and stress. It also has an impressive rate of bioavailability, which means that you absorb and utilise a good portion of protein from it when consumed, rather than having it go to waste during digestion. 

    What does Pea protein powder taste like?

    One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding pea protein, is that it basically tastes like eating or drinking raw blended up peas. It doesn’t. PlantVita™ Pea protein supplement is mellow and neutral in taste and has a smooth texture. It can be combined with almond milk for example, to provide a rich and nutty protein shake that gives you a whole variety of health benefits and tastes wonderful in the process. PlantVita™ pea protein supplement also blends easily and provides a smooth and creamy consistency, instead of a lumpy, gritty, and chalky texture like most animal-based protein supplements. 

    Is Hemp protein better than Pea protein?

    Hemp and pea protein stack up very well against one another nutritionally, though some argue that one is better than the other. Hemp protein and pea protein are similar in that they’re both plant-based, but they each offer their own unique benefits. Hemp protein for example, offers additional nutrients in the form of healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. These promote brain health, cardiovascular health, and more. Hemp protein is also a complete protein in that it contains all nine essential amino acids we need in our diets. Essential amino acids are amino acids which we need, but cannot synthesise naturally. Pea protein has a more impressive bioavailability, though, which means that we absorb more protein per shake. On dry weight, pea protein also offers around 80% protein, as opposed to hemp, which comes in at just 74%. This basically means that we absorb more protein from pea protein than hemp. The two are both very good for you, and in terms of which is best, it’s down to you to decide which offers the most suitable benefits.

    What are the differences between Pea protein and Pea protein isolate?

    Pea protein concentrate and isolate both begin life in exactly the same ways, but the key difference is that isolate uses a chemical solvent extraction procedure and provides upwards of 90% pure protein per serving, whereas concentrate uses a water-based extraction procedure and will provide around 80% pure protein. It is important to note that because most of the fiber, carbohydrates and fats are stripped away from an isolate, your body isn’t able to absorb as many nutrients as it would get from a concentrate. Pea Protein Concentrate is more bioavailable pea protein powder than Pea Protein Isolate. This means that your body will be able to absorb and use more of the nutrients when compared to an isolate. PlantVita™ Pea Protein is a concentrate.

    Is Pea protein powder Keto friendly?

    PlantVita™ Pea Protein has < 2% carbs, which is low enough to make pea protein Keto friendly.

    Does Pea protein cause gas?

    Pea protein does not cause gas any more than any other form of protein. Excessive amounts of protein can cause gas, and that includes pea protein, but this is no higher or lower than any other protein source. PlantVita™ Pea Protein has added digestive enzymes to make it easily digestible and gut-friendlier than regular pea proteins.

    Does Pea protein cause bloating?

    Pea protein does not cause bloating due to the fact that it is digested fairly quickly, and it has a high bioavailability. This basically means that your body is able to digest it fairly fast, and use more of it as nature intended. Once digested, the protein is used around the body, rather than sitting in the gut and causing bloating and gas.

    Is Pea protein inflammatory?

    In actual fact, pea protein can help to reduce inflammation in the body, as it helps to prevent acidosis and restores your body’s natural PH levels. Animal-derived proteins such as whey, are more acidic and acidic environments promote inflammation in the body. So, no, pea protein does not cause inflammation, it actually helps to reduce it.

    How to use?

    Mix 30 grams of Pea Protein in 250 - 300ml ice cold water, almond milk or your favourite beverage. For best results, use a shaker bottle or blender and shake or blend for approximately 10 - 20 seconds. You can also add it into shakes, bakes, smoothies, atta (flour), idli/dosa batter, pancakes etc.

    The PlantVita™ Way 

    We at PlantVita™ commit ourselves to providing solutions that are governed by our guiding principles:

    Clean Nutrition

    All our products are and will always be 100% Plant-made with clean ingredients, manufactured, stored and shipped in clean facilities and sold through reliable and trustworthy partners.

    Delicious Taste

    Taste is of paramount importance to us. We believe that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring and life's too short to be consuming sh**ty stuff. We won't sell anything that we ourselves would not love to consume everyday.

    Curated Solutions

    We do not make and sell products and services. We create and curate solutions that make our customers' lives healthier, livelier and easier. We challenge the status quo to change it for the better. Everyday.

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