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Jump Rope for Workout & Weight Loss 3Mtr

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    • Balanced Weight – Build with lightweight ergonomic handles and 5mm thick rope, ensures right distribution of weight between handles and rope, to give you more control and make your skipping experience smooth and fast, it also helps prevent tripping.
    • Anti-Slip – Ergonomically contoured easy-grip handles fit comfortably in your hands, its Anti-Slip textured surface and finger resting grip gives you a strong and firm grip even when your hands are sweaty.

    1: Improves heart health

    Skipping rope is the best cardio exercise as it increases the heart rate. This will significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

    2: Increases concentration

    Every cardio exercise will help you to focus on your goal and skipping is one of them. Skipping rope can calm your body and increase your concentration.

    3: Improves coordination

    Skipping consistently improves your coordination and stamina.

    4: Increases stamina and gets rid of fatigue

    By continuous work you may feel tired or loss of stamina. Skipping can help you to improve your stamina. The more you do skipping regularly the more your stamina increases. A consistent skipping range practice can help get rid of fatigue.

    5: Increases body flexibility 

    Skipping rope makes your body calm and flexible. Jumping gives great strength to the muscles and relaxes them. That’s why it is included in an athlete’s workout regime.

    6: Boost mental health 

    Skipping rope in a moderate-intensity can reduce anxiety and depression. Exercise can increase blood circulation to your body and brain.

    7: Decreases belly fat

    It is one of the main obstacles while losing weight. But skipping rope can help you with that. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises helps to reduce belly fat without diet and strengthen your abdominal muscles.

    8: Strengthening your bones

    Skipping rope will give strength to your bones and increase bone density, thus reduces the chances of osteoporosis.

    9: Glows your skin 

    Post-workout glow is one of the best glow one can get. Exercises like skipping will always give you a healthy, blushing, and glowing skin.

    10: Improve pulmonary function

    Skipping ropes improves blood circulation and breathing which ultimately enhances your lung capacity.

    Benefits of skipping rope for Weight Loss 

    There are numerous ways to lose weight, skipping rope is one of the effective methods for it. However, skipping rope alone is not enough to lose weight but also it requires a planned diet, weight loss goals, commitment, and high activity level. You also need to consider some other factors like age, previous illnesses/ surgeries before starting exercise as it may affect your rate of weight loss.

    If you jump rope for 30 minutes to one hour daily you will lose almost 200-300 calories. But beginners can’t do it straight for 30 minutes, you may need some time to increase your duration.

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