We are PlantVita™

Your partner in plant-based wellness

What We Do

We provide plant-fueled solutions for vitality, fitness and functional wellness.

Who We Are

Two plant-nerds on a mission to reimagine a better protein.

What We Promise

Get fit enjoyably, from the inside out!

Here's Our Story


Two plant-based lads interested in wellness (Anmol & Sahil), bonded over their mutual frustration in the Indian protein market, with the lack of availability + lack of awareness around plant-made alternatives. Here's what they have to say:

We researched the heck out of the market and found 2 major weaknesses:

1. Whey supplements cause a host of bodily issues (read: indigestion, acne breakouts, and the likes)
2. The few existing plant protein options don't taste great (read: they tasted like sh*t) and gave the product category a bad rap.

We wanted to reimagine a better protein - one that was both gut *and* taste bud friendly. After hundreds of testing + tasting sessions fueled by fancy food tech, we were finally happy with a few formulations that we could commit to drinking everyday

And there you have it folks, that's how PlantVita was born - to be your companion in plant based wellness.

Our mission is to help you get fit enjoyably - and it drives everything we do from supplying the most delicious plant-fueled solutions (yes solutions, not products), to providing exciting recipes and personal, lifestyle-driven nutritional advice to our community of users.

So join us in our mission to renew ourselves and our planet through plant-made nutrition.