Know Us

We are PlantVita™

Your partner in plant-based wellness

What We Do

We make irresistible plant-based foods that don't compromise on nutrition!

Who We Are

Two plant-nerds on a mission to reimagine your relationship with food.

What We Promise

We make it easy to eat better because that's the key to allow you to feel better, so you can be better.

Here's Our Story


Two plant-based lads interested in wellness (Anmol & Sahil), bonded over their mutual frustration in the Indian protein market, with the lack of availability + lack of awareness around plant-made alternatives. Here's what they have to say:

We researched the heck out of the market and found 2 major weaknesses:

1. Animal-derived nutrition causes a host of bodily issues (read: indigestion, acne breakouts, and the likes)
2. The existing plant-based options don't taste great (read: they tasted like sh*t) and gave the product category a bad rap.

We wanted to reimagine your relationship with food - one that was body *and* planet *and* taste bud friendly. After hundreds of testing + tasting sessions fueled by fancy food tech, we were finally happy to start our journey with our range of super fresh ingredients, dairy alternatives, healthy pantry options and plant-based supplements. 

And there you have it folks, that's how PlantVita was born - to be your companion in plant based wellness.

Our mission is to help you get fit enjoyably - and it drives everything we do from supplying the most delicious plant-fueled solutions, to providing exciting recipes and personal, lifestyle-driven nutritional advice to our community.

So join us in our mission to renew ourselves and our planet through plant-made nutrition.