Collection: Protein Through Food

A range of unflavoured & unsweetened proteins developed to be heat resistant and have minimal interference with your taste experience so you can add it to any daily foods that you can mix it into- from your roti atta, to your pancake or chilla batters to even gravies like pav bhaji or soups!
  • taste the difference 🤤

    wellness is all about consistency.
    we focus on making nutrition enjoyable so you can continue to feel good from the inside out.

  • functional wellness ⚡

    co-created with consumers & backed by the latest food science.
    we make products that actually work to make you feel better & do better.

  • carefully curated ✨

    only locally sourced, lab-tested ingredients because our only goal is to help you feel better from the inside-out.

  • lifestyle friendly 🙌

    we understand that no size fits all. each of us has different lifestyles, goals and preferences.
    either way, we have something for each of you seeking better.

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