How to Gain Muscle on a Vegan Diet

How to Gain Muscle on a Vegan Diet

Ask this question to a fitness trainer and they might just give you the looks that imply - bro, seriously? 
Even the idea of considering a vegan diet for muscle gain might be seen as an absurd thought at the onset but with the increasing awareness around the vegan lifestyle and diet, underrated nutritional varieties are coming to light. Several of these plant-based ingredients actually help you gain muscle without touching animal-derived food items. 
Don’t believe us? 
Well that’s why we’re here to debunk these myths and show you a better way forward; good for your body and better for the planet.
Any fitness routine is incomplete without a proper diet and nutrition plan for the body. And this does not only mean you have to bank on protein. A well balanced diet and nutrition plan includes simple carbs, complex carbs, fibre, good fats, essential minerals and vitamins - of course as per your individual requirement.  However, Protein is the foundation that helps cell regeneration, muscle growth and muscle tissue recovery- thus making it an indispensable part of your fitness journey. 
The right composition of wholesome foods should be your priority like sweet potatoes and brown rice offer you the required carbohydrates. Oats and Fruits and fibrous vegetables are the known sources of essential nutrients and fibre. Dry fruits, avocados, and coconut are some of the items that contribute to good fats in your diet. Seeds, pulses, beans, mushrooms, soya are a few protein rich plant foods. 
The first task for you should be to identify your fitness goal- Weight loss? Weight gain? Gut health? Better skin? Or Muscle gain?
Once you know where you’re heading, you’re half-way there already. 
First things first, let’s start with some basic questions to get you on track to gain muscle on a vegan diet.

How much protein you should consume in a day?

Your protein intake should be calculated based on the goal you set for yourself. Ideally a mass gainer and muscle strength developer should consume anywhere in the range of 1.5 to 2 times of their body weight in grams depending on their individual fitness journey plans. 
Beginners who have no idea about what protein works for them, can consult a qualified nutritionist to complement the fitness regime with a full fledged diet support. We’d love for you to also trust us to be your fitness buddy and schedule a complimentary consultation today! 

What are my options when it comes to vegan protein?

It is a popular myth that only animal meats and by products are rich protein sources to support your daily protein requirement. There are so many options that you can choose from if you’re considering to opt for a vegan protein. You have soy derivatives (tofu, edamame, tempeh, etc), mushrooms, nut butters, pulses, lentils and legumes, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, oats, spirulina (blue-green algae),quinoa and amaranth are some vegan sources of protein that should find its way in your diet. 
Along with the whole foods mentioned above, vegan protein or plant protein as it is commonly called, can be consumed in natural vegan protein isolate powders and blends available to suit your needs. 
Please remember that every individual is unique and so is their body, which makes it crucial for any fitness expert to be absolutely conscious about recommending something that suits them for good.
While we agree that wholesome foods are the ideal way to fuel your body, it may not always be possible to have access to them. In such a situation when you’re on the go, leading a fast paced lifestyle or aren’t able to stick to a balanced diet daily, you shouldn’t be forced to compromise on your diet and nutrition. 
We at PlantVita have crafted solutions (not products!) that will help you in your fitness journey by providing the right nutrition in a form delicious enough to make you want to make healthy living a lifestyle with ease.
Let’s look at some of the solutions that you can deploy to gain muscle while on a vegan diet

Lean Muscle Protein Powder Vs Mass Gainer Protein Powder 

  • PlantVita’s FUEL Lean Muscle Protein Powder is a complete protein solution offering brown rice and pea protein ideally suitable for for muscle growth
  • PlantVita’s GAIN Mass Gainer Protein Powder is a holistic blend of proteins, carbs, seeds, digestive blends ideally suitable for weight gain
  • FUEL lean muscle protein powder offers about 25 grams of protein per serving which easily constitutes about 40-50% of one’s daily protein intake requirement. 
  • GAIN mass gainer protein powder offers about 23 grams of protein, 400 healthy calories and 66 grams of high quality carbs per serving.

Trim Meal Shake for Weight Loss 

When you’re on a weight loss journey, losing weight is not the only goal, but toning and shaping the body as well. It should be about getting rid of the excess fats and building more muscle strength.  While diet plays a very crucial role in this journey, we understand that it can be so annoying to constantly monitor every bite you take! 
We certainly don’t want you to starve yourself and hence our TRIM Supermeal Shake is one of the best options you’re going to have as your partner in this journey. 
Meal replacement shakes are the healthier alternative to snacking at the wrong time especially when you’re working hard to lose weight. All you have to do is, add a scoop in water, shake it, drink it and you’re done with consuming nutrients equivalent to a meal! 

Switch it up with Protein Sprinklers! 

Protein in itself is such a serious scientific word, that you just cannot correlate it with fun. 
So we tried to give it a brand new avatar so that you can have some fun while pursuing a healthy routine. 
We’ve packed the goodness of protein into our EPIC Protein Sprinkler so that you can simply season your salads, fruits, carbs, oats, literally anything you want to with it and instantly transform your normal meal into a super healthy dish just like that! 

Daily Supergreens + Protein

Vegan diet is even more difficult to manage when it comes to acquiring the daily nutrition and energy required by the body to function well. We have curated a very thoughtful solution to answer this challenge - LIFE Supergreens + Protein
Sure your salad greens and exotic vegetables are a good idea but can you commit to eating it daily?
It doesn’t matter if your answer was yes or no to that question, because our LIFE Supergreens + Protein solution makes everyday nutrition as easy as it can get. Made with potent vegetables, herbal leaves, and fruit extracts- one serving contains 18 superfoods that boost immunity, glowing skin and gut-health with the added benefit of 4g protein!

Fitness is a journey, not a destination

We believe the healthiest of meals isn’t the solution, but rather a good mix of enjoyabke varieties that allows you to sustain a diet because only consistency reaps results. So while whole foods - fruits, seeds, and vegetables are the best sources to reach out to when on a vegan diet, life as we know it does not always allow us the flexibility of having access to these natural ingredients whenever we want. For those times, the next best solution is PlantVita’s plant-fuelled nutritional supplements that will not only keep you on your clean, vegan diet but also support you in your fitness journey like the companion you always wanted.

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