3 ways to elevate your diet

3 ways to elevate your diet


“I need to go on a diet— I’ll start tomorrow now!” Well, what if you could start small today, without changing everything you eat altogether? It’s all about moderation and here’s where you can start. 

 1. Carbs, but make it protein

Whoever says carbs are your enemy if you're trying to lose weight, definitely hasn’t made the switch to our protein bread as yet. With a texture that is identical to a regular whole-wheat loaf, this is ideal to replace your kitchen staple. Use it to make sandwiches for the family or consume as is with your cup of coffee or tea to begin your day. It’s an easy, cheeky way to sneak in the protein without letting your taste buds, (or your children), realise it!

2. Make your salad all about that crunch

Leaves don’t cut it for you? Well, try adding some protein bread croutons to add a crispy element to your salad, because you can get some added protein too. Simply cube the bread slices and sauté in a pan on low heat with any oil of your choice, garlic and some salt. You can also sprinkle a spoon-full of hemp seeds to add a nutty flavour and get your daily-dose of omega-3s.

3. Make your smoothies creamier

If you’re a smoothie-lover, whether it’s made with all your favorite fruits, veggies or a combination of the two, you can make it a complete meal by adding a scoop of our plant-based protein powders, and even top it up with a selection of nuts, chia seeds (especially if you suffer from chronic bloating) and a spoon of hemp seeds for all the good fats.

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