3 unconventional health-conscious desserts that hit the spot

1.  chocolate mousse 

Chocolate mousse? How is that healthy? Well, ditch the cream, ditch the dairy and ditch the eggs. All you need is some cacao powder or vegan dark chocolate, soy milk, sugar or maple syrup and water from a can of chickpeas to help bind it all together. Simply combine with a whisk and let it set in the refrigerator over night. Get the recipe here

2. Caramel tofu 

Ok, hear us out. Think caramel custard, but tofu. The smooth, gelatinous texture of tofu almost mimicks that of custard, without the fat and extra calories! Simply pour your maple-syrup caramel onto the block of silken tofu and enjoy! 

3. Baked Yoghurt 

This is great when you want something sweet, but not overly indulgent. We recommend using coconut yogurt for this one, since it's naturally creamy and tastes great when sweetened. You can find our go-to recipe here. 

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